Transform Your Life from the Inside Out Through Divine Connection

Learn to Dialogue with Divine Mother and to Ask and Receive Her Guidance

New 8 Week Dialogue with Divine Mother Course Starting October 15th, 2023


Facilitated by Connie Huebner

Connie Huebner

What is Dialogue with Divine Mother

Not only can you learn to talk to Divine Mother, but every human being can learn to talk to Divine Mother. We are all Divine Beings in physical form, so it’s natural to be able to access Divine intelligence at our own deepest level. Getting there should also be natural, which means easy. The same Source that structures the Universe also structures our human energy system.

In this course, Connie Huebner teaches simple techniques to access that Quantum Field, and to remain aware at that level of the source of creation. This is where we can access the Divine intelligence of this field, our own Divine intelligence.

You will learn how to communicate with Divine Mother, the governing administrator and creator in this field. You will also learn how to test the truth of messages that you receive. With these techniques, you have the key to Divine Dialogue. Once learned, you can easily practice these techniques to receive the guidance of Divine Mother at any time.

Why Dialogue with Divine Mother

In Dialogue with Divine Mother you learn how to access the most expanded energy in creation the energy of the Divine, Source, God. This is the energy that recognizes and affirms that you too are a Divine being living in a physical form. In the Dialogue course we learn discernment around what energies we are receiving wisdom from. Divine beings will always empower your own Self-authority.

This creates a deep container of safety, integrity, and confidence that you are truly receiving wisdom from the most expanded source, the Truth of the Universe. The Divine will never make ultimatums, create conditions, or place limitations on you. We emphasize this energy because it is always safe, clear, direct, and incredibly empowering. 

When we build a foundation around the Truth of Source, our relationship with Divine Mother (and other Divine beings), we become astonishingly capable at meeting any and all of the challenges of life. The healing tools help you lift and clear the discordance that may arise from challenging situations, and the Divine Mother’s wisdom can guide you through any storm.

It is truly transformational to step into this level of empowerment, to know yourself and heal yourself, and to be a part of a community that is doing the same. 

Transforming Your Life from Inside Out

The great Mahatma Ghandi said, “if you want to change the world, start with yourself”. We live in a world that is facing tremendous challenges, these manifest personally and on a global scale. We cannot control what life will give us.

What we can do is transform ourselves and learn to anchor the Self in the infinite stillness of Source, of God. Dialogue with Divine Mother transforms your life from the inside out by creating a deep intimate relationship with the Mother of Creation, and with your own Divine Self.

When you are aligned with the Truth of  Self you become more capable of meeting any challenge, often discovering profound solutions, and exciting new paths to move through your life with grace, power, and integrity. The world needs people who have stepped into their Divine Self, this is the journey right into the heart of you, the heart of God. 

Students have found that the Dialogue with Divine Mother course has helped them with creating break throughs in their lives in the areas of relationships, career and finances, and health, and spiritual well-being. 

Expert Personal Instruction


The Dialogue with Divine Mother Course is taught by Connie Huebner.

For over 20 years Connie has been teaching energy healing classes and giving private consultations in partnership with Divine Mother, bringing her transforming wisdom and guidance to thousands of people. She has taught the Dialogue course over 20 times to hundreds of students.

You will receive over 30 hours of personal hands-on instruction during the course. It is this personal attention that guarantees that every student is successful in conversing with Divine Mother.


Working with Divine Mother Energy Tools

Connie has found that limitations and negativity in our energy system block communication with Divine Mother. To address that, every student in this course receives a PDF of Connie’s book “Divine Mother Healing” which contains all the Divine Mother Energy Tools, the same tools that Connie and her practitioners use in their healing sessions.

You will learn how and when to use each tool for self-healing, to clear blocks from your own energy system. Students are encouraged to use the tools to self-heal throughout the course. Just reading them, you will find subtle perceptions develop, which deepens the Dialogue process. In class discussions, students share results of this practice, so that Connie and Divine Mother may give additional individual guidance.

Course Structure

The course consists of eight live approximately four hour classes taught by Connie and guided by Divine Mother. The course is taught over a 9 week period with a one week break for Thanksgiving. See the FAQ below for class dates and times.

All classes are on Zoom. Each class will be recorded and sent to you in case you have to miss a class or would like to review the course material.

What’s included


Over 30 hours of live instruction with Connie Huebner

The course consists of eight live four to five hour weekly classes taught by Connie and guided by Divine Mother. 


Personal One-on-One Instruction

Each student receives one-on-one personal instruction in how to converse with Divine Mother. The class size is limited to 20 students so Connie and her assistant can provide personal guidance to each student.


Deep Energy Healing During Each Class

Every class begins with a very deep Divine Mother energy healing. These healings are a great boost to your evolution, clearing your energy system so that you will be able to settle deeply into Dialogue with Divine Mother.


Recordings of Every Class

Every class will be recorded and be sent to you within 24 hours of each class finishing.  We recommend that you attend the live sessions, however we understand that you may have to miss a class.


Divine Mother Healing Book

You will receive a PDF copy of Connie’s Book “Divine Mother Healing” which contains all 27 Divine Mother Vibrational tools, with complete explanations of how to use each tool.


Elegibility for Living in Divine Grace Course

This course is a prerequisite for the Living in Divine Grace course, which teaches you how to do healing sessions for others. It also offers certification as a practitioner.


You will recieve FIVE FREE bonus recordings from the Saturday Empowerment Series classes. These are two hour long Divine Mother deep energy healings on specific topics. You will receive the following five recordings.

Gaia Speaks, Healing and Wisdom from Mother Earth

Mother Earth can heal us. We just have to listen and learn from Her. She loves us unconditionally. How can we honor and respect that love and learn from this Great Mother? She wants to talk to us.

Awakening Divine Perception

I want to know what Love is, I want you to show me…” These words from a popular song by Foreigner are a desperate call to the deepest resources of Love in the Universe. “I want you to show me!” What is this Love and how will it impact us in the coming years? Divine Mother answers the call and can reveal the mystery. As she guides us into our hearts, the pain heals and the fear dissolves. 

The Significance of Your Human Life

To get a human life is a great thing. It is challenging, yes, but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. Your human life is teaching you how to use your heart and mind to overcome the fears, the judgements, the self-doubt. Of course, the key is to align yourself with me, Divine Mother, and let me show you the glory of your precious human life.

The Secret Power of Laughter and Joy

What is this secret power and how does it work? Can we access it at will? How do we lose connection with it? These questions and more will be revealed to set you up to receive the keys to the secret power!

How Love Defeats Your Enemies

In this healing Divine Mother will empower you to be victorious over your enemies. She will release blocks in your heart and help you step away from the pain they create. Then you can maintain equanimity and strength and purge what are enemies from your life.

What students are saying about the Dialogue with Divine Mother Course

Carmen Lee

Andrea Saliba

Masha Penson, New York

Cathryn Davis

Pamela Saxena, Georgia

Joy Bliss, Iowa

It was a real pleasure to take this course with Connie and Elizabeth in 2021. They are both delightful and skilled teachers and facilitators. The main benefit for me has been insight. The intel. that I gain in dialog with Divine Mother and her many aspects has been reliable and genuinely useful in guiding my decision making during and since the course. It always has a ‘right’ feeling about it, even though it’s not always what I want to hear, and is sometimes quite a surprise. Overall I’m pleased to recommend the course to all seekers of truth.

J.C., United Kingdom

Dialogue with Divine Mother Graduate, 2021

I am profoundly grateful for the Dialogue with Divine Mother course. I dare say that there is life before and after the course! I signed up in a leap of faith shortly after unexpectedly attending a session with Connie, to be met by a caring, knowledgeable, generous, and inspiringly inspired mother and daughter tandem. In light of the unfolding process that the dialogues and healings enhance, the teachings in Connie’s book begin to reveal their layers of depth. While receiving personalized attention, one also learns from fellow participants. Essentially, the relentless love and kindness of Divine Mother and her Divine friends blew me away, and continues to do so. A genuinely heart-expanding journey.

D.A., Canada

Dialogue with Divine Mother Graduate, 2021

Dialogue with Divine Mother Course transformed my life in many ways. First and foremost, it taught me that I can experience the Wisdom of the Divine on a felt sense level and that I am truly One with All That Is. In addition, the process of practicing the tools weekly showed me that I am capable of clearing my own energy field and can experience being a sovereign and autonomous Infinite energy Being.

And, having a class experience, gave me a community of like-hearted others also exploring the process of connecting with Divine, which helped build confidence and camaraderie. The ripple effects of taking this class lead to becoming my own boss, starting a group for those who enjoy reading the tools together, closer relationships with my friends and closer connections with family.

The blessings of the course have multiplied many times over in the short time since I have taken it. Thank you Connie, Divine Mother, and the DMC team for all that you’ve done to create this opportunity for others. Love, Pamela

Pamela Saxena, Georgia

Dialogue with Divine Mother Graduate, 2018

Meeting Connie is one of my great blessings. Words can’t say all the gratitude I have for her. She is an embodiment of Divine Mother, so her work if a precious gift for all of us. She is the one who brought me so close to Divine Mother‘s heart, where I can hear Her, feel Her, experiences Her Love, Wisdom and deepest cosmic silence…from where everything is manifested.

Masha Penson, New York

The Dialogue with Divine Mother Course is the most wonderful gift I ever gave myself and I practice speaking with Divine Mother nearly every day. Often, during ordinary daily life, I lose touch with Divine Mother, with my health, with happiness, with myself.  My perception of myself is limited.  But hearing wisdom from Divine Mother takes me to a whole new dimension where I feel lighter, I can let go of challenges, and know myself as the source of all health, happiness, and power.  

Grace Carter, Iowa

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long is the Dialogue with Divine Mother Course

There are 8 weekly classes over a 9 week period and there is home practice between classes.

Q. When do the Dialogue with Divine Mother classes take place

Sunday October 15th, 22nd, and 29th,

Sunday November 5th, 12th, and 19th

No class Sunday November 26th, Thanksgiving break

Sunday December 3rd and 10th

All classes start 12:30 PM central time and last for approximately 4 hours with a 20 minute break.

Q. How do I attend the live classes?

You can attend either by Zoom video conference or by teleconference.

Q. What if I can’t attend live. Can I still keep up with the class?

You will receive recordings and transcripts of all live meetings within 24 hrs of each class should you miss a class. We do recommend that you attend live so that you can receive the value that comes through personal instruction.

Q. How do I contact customer support?

Use the form below or email When you register you will be given a customer support email specific for the course.

Yes, enroll me in the Dialogue with Divine Mother Course starting October 15th, 2023!

Registration closes at midnight on Friday, October 13th


Three payments

  • One payment of $525 at the time of purchase.
  • A second payment of $525, one month from purchase date.
  • A third payment of $525, two months from purchase date.
  • Total payment of $1575

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