Downloads for the Dialogue with Divine Mother 

October, 2023

Divine Mother Vibrational Tools


Your FIVE FREE bonus recordings from the Saturday Empowerment Series classes. These are two hour long Divine Mother deep energy healings on specific topics. You will receive the following five recordings.

Gaia Speaks, Healing and Wisdom from Mother Earth

Mother Earth can heal us. We just have to listen and learn from Her. She loves us unconditionally. How can we honor and respect that love and learn from this Great Mother? She wants to talk to us.

Awakening Divine Perception

I want to know what Love is, I want you to show me…” These words from a popular song by Foreigner are a desperate call to the deepest resources of Love in the Universe. “I want you to show me!” What is this Love and how will it impact us in the coming years? Divine Mother answers the call and can reveal the mystery. As she guides us into our hearts, the pain heals and the fear dissolves. 

The Significance of Your Human Life

To get a human life is a great thing. It is challenging, yes, but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. Your human life is teaching you how to use your heart and mind to overcome the fears, the judgements, the self-doubt. Of course, the key is to align yourself with me, Divine Mother, and let me show you the glory of your precious human life.

The Secret Power of Laughter and Joy

What is this secret power and how does it work? Can we access it at will? How do we lose connection with it? These questions and more will be revealed to set you up to receive the keys to the secret power!

How Love Defeats Your Enemies

In this healing Divine Mother will empower you to be victorious over your enemies. She will release blocks in your heart and help you step away from the pain they create. Then you can maintain equanimity and strength and purge what are enemies from your life.


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