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Learn to Dialogue with Divine Mother

Not only can you learn to talk to Divine Mother, but every human being can learn to talk to Divine Mother. We are all Divine Beings in physical form, so it’s natural to be able to access Divine intelligence at our own deepest level. Getting there should also be natural, which means easy. The same Quantum Field that structures the Universe also structures our human energy system.

In this course, Connie teaches simple techniques to access that Quantum Field, and to remain aware at that level of the source of creation. This is where we can access the Divine intelligence of this field, our own Divine intelligence.

You will learn how to communicate with Divine Mother, the governing administrator and creator in this field. You will also learn how to test the truth of messages that you receive. With these techniques, you have the key to Divine Dialogue. Once learned, you can easily practice these techniques to receive the guidance of Divine Mother at any time.

Working with Divine Mother Energy Tools

Connie has found that limitations and negativity in our energy system block communication with Divine Mother. To address that, every student in this course receives the complete set of Divine Mother Energy Tools, the same tools that Connie and her practitioners use in their healing sessions.

You will learn how and when to use each tool for self-healing, to clear blocks from your own energy system. Students are encouraged to use the tools to self-heal throughout the course. Just reading them, you will find subtle perceptions develop, which deepens the Dialogue process. In class discussions, students share results of this practice, so that Connie and Divine Mother may give additional individual guidance.

Course structure

Connie conducts this course with Divine Mother, assisted by certified practitioners, in two parts of four sessions each. Part I, the first four sessions, takes place over four weeks, and then after a break of two weeks, students attend Part II, the last four sessions, again, over four weeks. Each lesson begins with a deep healing to dissolve negative energies that might otherwise block the Dialogue process. 

This ensures that your energy system is clear, and that the steps to Dialogue with Divine Mother are effective. The course also includes one private session with a certified practitioner, for another deep healing and guidance through the Dialogue process. An optional online discussion-group with class members lets you share experiences and connect to Divine Mother’s growing community of graduates who Dialogue with Her.

Course fees

The Dialogue with Divine Mother course fee is $1175. For your convenience, payment plans are available (2 monthly payments of $650 or 6 monthly payments of $225).

Connie Huebner

Facilitator of the Divine Mother

Introducing the Dialogue with Divine Mother Course

Benefits of the Dialogue with  Divine Mother Course


Experience of Divine Love


Divine connection


Ability to know anything


Decision-making with Divine Guidance


Refined perceptions


Divine Wisdom

What’s included


Eight Classes with Connie Heubner

Phase One and Phase Two each consist of four classes, approximately 4 hours in length, of personal instruction with Connie and Divine Mother.


Private One-on-One Healing Session

You will also receive a private one-on-one Divine Mother healing with guidance in your Dialogue process from a Divine Mother Healing Certified  Practitioner.


Divine Mother Healing Book

You will receive a copy of Connie’s Book “Divine Mother Healing” which contains all the Divine Mother Vibrational tools, with complete explanations of how to use each tool.


Deep Energy Healing During Each Class

Every class begins with a very deep Divine Mother energy healing. These healings are a great boost to your evolution, clearing your energy system so that you will be able to settle deeply into Dialogue with Divine Mother.


Elegibility for Living in Divine Grace Course

This course is a prerequisite for the Living in Divine Grace course, which teaches you how to do healing sessions for others. It also offers certification as a practitioner.


Online Group with Current and Former Students

Enjoy discussions with your fellow students in a secure Google group. There are over 100 Dialogue with Divine Mother graduates.

What students are saying about the course

The Dialogue course is opening a whole new depth into my relationship with Divine Mother. We are learning how to call on Her as well as many other Divine Beings, who all have messages of Love and Truth.

The healing that is taking place during each and every session is transformational and profound. Deep blockages are being cleared and released, and we are learning how to be in our hearts, which is the seat of Divine Mother.

In addition to connecting to our Divine Friends, we have also been given tools and techniques to heal and transform energy in ourselves, in our daily lives, and in others.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to strengthen their connection to the Divine. For me personally, it is propelling me into the next phase of my life…my Divine Purpose.

D. D., Massachusetts

Meeting Connie is one of my great blessings. Words can’t say all the gratitude I have for her. She is an embodiment of Divine Mother, so her work if a precious gift for all of us. She is the one who brought me so close to Divine Mother‘s heart, where I can hear Her, feel Her, experiences Her Love, Wisdom and deepest cosmic silence…from where everything is manifested.

Masha Penson, New York

The Dialogue with Divine Mother Course is the most wonderful gift I ever gave myself and I practice speaking with Divine Mother nearly every day. Often, during ordinary daily life, I lose touch with Divine Mother, with my health, with happiness, with myself.  My perception of myself is limited.  But hearing wisdom from Divine Mother takes me to a whole new dimension where I feel lighter, I can let go of challenges, and know myself as the source of all health, happiness, and power.  

Grace Carter, Iowa

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