What students are saying about the Dialogue with Divine Mother Course

Pamela Saxena, Georgia (Dialogue with Divine Mother 2018)

Dialogue with Divine Mother Course transformed my life in many ways. First and foremost, it taught me that I can experience the Wisdom of the Divine on a felt sense level and that I am truly One with All That Is. In addition, the process of practicing the tools weekly showed me that I am capable of clearing my own energy field and can experience being a sovereign and autonomous Infinite energy Being.

And, having a class experience, gave me a community of like-hearted others also exploring the process of connecting with Divine, which helped build confidence and camaraderie. The ripple effects of taking this class lead to becoming my own boss, starting a group for those who enjoy reading the tools together, closer relationships with my friends and closer connections with family.

The blessings of the course have multiplied many times over in the short time since I have taken it. Thank you Connie, Divine Mother, and the DMC team for all that you’ve done to create this opportunity for others. Love, Pamela

Pamela Saxena, Georgia

Dialogue with Divine Mother Graduate 2018

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